West Parade Dental Care
West Parade Dental Practice Lincoln

Private Fees

New pt exam to include any necessary x-rays £60 Routine exam £28
Implant assessment to include x-rays and study models £195 Study models £55
Orthodontic assessment to inc x-rays and study models £90 OPG £40
Bitewings (per film) £9    
Dentist ultrasonic scale and polish £28    
Hygienist appointment to include full preventable care and advice - From £44 Hygienist Perio Treatment -        From £49
Fissure sealing per tooth £45 Hard acrylic mouth guard (e.g. Tanner Style) £370
Sports guard - clear/two colour £75
Anti Snoring device £350
Tooth whitening      
Tooth whitening (custom made trays and gel)     £350
Internal whitening (per tooth)                From £200
Whitening Refill kit     £150
Tooth Coloured composite   From £60
to £130
Superior alloy metal                                   £68
to £110
Gold (60% gold) £495 Cosmetic tooth coloured fibre post £110
Tooth coloured Porcelain bonded to precious metal £350 Cast metal post £130
Cosmetic tooth coloured ceramic (e.g. Emax/Zirconia) £410 Smile Design - Per Tooth £600
Porcelain veneers                                                      From £375 Gold inlay From £395
Emax Veneer                                                             From £395 Cosmetic white Gradia Inlay From £230
Tooth coloured porcelain bonded to precious metal abutment (per unit)     From £350
Cosmetic white ceramic abutment (per unit)     From £395
Private (clear palate, stippled pink gum areas and premium quality teeth)  
Complete Dentures From £650 Reline £110
Partial From £300 Addition per tooth  £85
Private chrome denture From £595 Denture clasp                              From £40
Root Canal Therapy (to include diagnostic x-rays and use of a rubber dam)  
Incisor/canine/lower premolar £230 Molar £350
Upper premolar      £275 Re-root treat add £60
Simple From £85 Surgical From £195
Wisdom tooth - surgical £195 Apicectomy anterior From £200
    Apicectomy posterior From £280
Implant (Plus Cost of Crown or Denture)     Each £1300
Sinus Lift £1300 Bone Grafting From £495
Implant Crown to include anchorage screw           £1200
Implant Denture to include anchorage screws     From £2250